Our mission is to supply quality toys that are as lovely to play with as they are to display in your child’s room.

Beautiful Plushies and Stuffed Toys

Pretty and Play would like to fill your home with the joy that comes with a new toy, but also the satisfaction of knowing that it will be loved, cherished and played with by your child. Our plush toys, stuffed animals and wooden toys stand the test of time.

We want to provide quality pieces that can be passed down to younger siblings, cousins or friends, or simply kept as a reminder of days gone by. We believe in quality over quantity and aim to provide play pieces that can be left on a shelf to admire even after your child has outgrown it.

Educational and Eco Friendly Toys

We do our best to stock educational, eco friendly, nostalgic and fun toys that use a child’s own imagination. Imaginative play contributes to a child’s social and emotional development, assists in language and communication skills and amazingly, helps children form memories. We all remember our favourite plush toy or stuffed animal from our childhood.

Pretty and Play hope to be part of making memories of a happy childhood spent being whatever your child dreams to be.

Contact us to discuss our toy brands of have an interest in a particular type of fun toy. We’re happy to help.

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